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Motivation gets you up,

Determination keeps you going


McDaniel Designs LLC is invested in helping the community, by promoting positive ideology. We're using our message and efforts to encourage people to become the best versions of themselves.  Providing avenues of self expression and reflection. 

Our Vision

C McD. Cutz will continue to provide great service in the community. 

Gotta Getit Gear will continue to motivate others on how important it is to be a Go Getter.   

 McDaniel Designs LLC will continue working with The Vent Program and other Organizations so we can make a positive impact in the community.





The Vent Program

This program is designed for youth and adults. Encouraging people to release their frustrations, aggressions, unhealthy thoughts and habits. This will allow room for effective dialogue and discussions on topics that are personal or community wide. 

C McD. Cutz

C McD. Cutz  always provides wonderful service and the environment  is awesome!

Gotta Getit Gear

Our brand carries a message and a mantra of consistency and diligence when working towards whatever your goals and dreams may be. 

Leading Member

Clyde McDaniel is a native of the of Charleston, South Carolina and is a true ambassador for the people and community. Barbering has allowed him to interact with people on a unique level. As a barber, he heard so many perspectives and testimonies. Mr. McDaniel felt it was his duty to insert himself into the community in a way that allowed him to facilitate change and influence generations.

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